Our Stories

Our stories highlight case studies in holistic relationships with strategic corporate partners that span campuses, colleges, business units, and administrative areas. The relationships may have started around one area of focus, but with coordination and planning, have grown into the mutually beneficial relationships they are today. These stories are examples of what the center strives for every day.
Volvo and Penn State: A model partnership
What began as a research partnership focused on efficient energy solutions has evolved into a well-defined and expertly managed holistic relationship that spans research innovation, robust student engagement, strategic corporate giving, and professional development opportunities.
Lockheed Martin and Penn State: An expansive partnership
Lockheed Martin and Penn State have continued to find mutually aligned interests over an impressive 30-year partnership. Together, these two premier institutions have built a holistic relationship that grows, evolves, and spans a remarkable breadth.
Deloitte and Penn State: Dedication to students builds an engaged workforce
Deloitte and Penn State come together under the shared mission of preparing students to become leaders in their field. Deloitte has a long history of supporting future leaders at Penn State and boasts a network of over 1,000 engaged Penn State alumni currently in their workforce.
3M and Penn State: Driven by Research
With the “common purpose-driven strategy to tackle problems, big and small, in pursuit of improving humankind” 3M and Penn State have committed to a lasting holistic partnership driven by research and recruiting.